Colnago C60 Classic Dual Use Frameset (Sloping Geometry)

The C60 is all about firsts for Colnago and pioneering design innovations.
£3,799.95 incl VAT

The Colnago C60 Classic Dual Use Road Frameset (Sloping Geometry) - for such an incredibly ldeveloped frameset, you first need to understand the history of Colnago. Since 1954, Ernesto Colnago has been enthralling the cycling market with bold and performance driven bikes and frames. In 1986 Ernesto was the first to bring carbon fibre, working alongside Ferrari, to the cycling market. Even now Colnago hasn’t stopped innovating and is still known as one of the greatest bike builders the world has ever seen, so much so that every single frame is made and painted by hand; one-by-one, meaning your bike is one of a kind.

The Colnago C60 Classic Dual Use Road Frameset (Sloping Geometry) is made from high-grade carbon fibre, meaning it’s lightweight, strong and stiff in every situation. This frame follows on from the C59, another historic frameset with a race ready specification, but there are subtle differences that take the C60 a step above and beyond the C59.

The C60 incorporates star-shaped tubes, which have become a signature design element for Colnago frames. This design increases frame efficiency, whilst keeping the frame comfortable and strong - making this the ideal frameset for everything from riding the hills of Yorkshire to sitting out front of the peloton in Italy.

No attention to detail has been spared with this frameset, especially with the C60’s cross section tubes which have had their volume increased, wall thicknesses reduced and improved drastic tube profiles. Alongside this, the rear dropouts have been redesigned to reduce weight but improve lateral stiffness. Water bottle mounts account for the reduced weight with completely redesigned bosses that maximise strength.

The downtube is also new and is oversized to increase lateral stiffness. This weighs less due to thinner tubing. Star tubing has also been used here improving comfort and reduce road buzz.

Larger tubes continue on the seatstays, now flatter and wider than ever before, reducing weight, increasing lateral stiffness and improving handling. The new design also provides a dampening effect, combining stiffness and suspension like qualities for a very comfortable ride.

This comfort continues on the chainstays, with internally ribbed tubing providing immense lateral stiffness, yet the tapered shape, which seamlessly narrows towards the dropouts, provides a small degree of upwards flexion and dampens road buzz. This increased vertical compliance also improves handling and allows more grip transfer to the rear wheel, especially over rough terrain.

The C60 is all about firsts for Colnago and pioneering design innovations. The seat tube is now using asymmetrical rather than round tubing, making the frame stronger, lighter and more aesthetically pleasing.

The C60 frameset is a stunning machine and is available in numerous sizes, all with Colnago'€™s famous, high-quality paint schemes and stunning graphics.


  • Includes: Frame, fork, headset and fitting kit
  • Laterally stiffer, more comfortable and lighter than the C59
  • Redesigned headtube with star shaped lugs
  • New oversized downtube
  • Larger, flatter and wider seatstays
  • Internal ribbing of the chainstays further adds to the lateral stiffness as well as comfort
  • Pioneering asymmetrical seat tube
  • Beefed up bottom bracket for unparalleled performance efficiency


FRAME: Colnago C60 Italia Dual Routed Carbon Fibre

FORK: Colnago carbon, 1-1/8" to 1-1/4" steerer

HEADSET: Colnago CHS-1


FITTING KIT: DI2/EPS rubber bungs and carbon installation compound

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