Felt York

The Felt York, the perfect blend of form and function. Taking classic British-inspired lines and fusing mechanical simplicity courtesy of a flip-flop fixed/singlespeed rear hub, the York is ready for your next cruise down to the beach, or just to the shops. Now with 20% off RRP, it's a lot of bike for under £500!
£588.00 incl VAT
£470.00 incl VAT

Every rider needs the kind of bike they can just grab and ride when the mood strikes. Sometimes you don't want to go and get into lycra, or wonder where it is you've left your multi-tool, or get to your bike only to realise you forgot index your gears - you just want to get out in the sun and enjoy the world around you.

The Felt York is the ideal grab-and-go bike, ready for when the mood strikes to just roll out of the door. It doesn't care if you're wearing jeans or bibshorts, a hoodie or a jersey, it's just ready to go. Fully equipped with a front rack, tool carrier and mudguards, the Felt York is as happy mooching to the shops as it is on a full-day ride thanks to it's flip-flop fixed/single speed rear hub and touring handlebar set up, keeping you comfy for as long as you want to ride.

Available in 5 sizes and any colour you want - as long as it's black, the Felt York is the ideal ride for around town or days out with the family.

Now with 20% off RRP, it's a lot of bike for under £500!

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