Fulcrum Racing Quattro Carbon 40mm Clincher Road Wheelset

Whatever the situation, the promise is to become the ideal ride companion every day.   Thanks to its magical balance, the new 40 mm profile of these road bike wheels will do credit to itself on any road you tackle together.   Performance? It's aerodynamic, stable and fast.   Climbs? It stays light and reactive when accelerating.   Downhills? It's decisive and easy to handle.   Racing? It's simple – just try it! 
£1,099.99 incl VAT
£839.99 incl VAT
  • RDB - Rim Dynamic Balance
  • 2:1 Two-to-One
  • DRSC - Directionated Rim-Spoke Coupling
  • Anti-Rotation System
  • F.I.C Fulcrum Identification Card - 100% Handmade Quality
  • Traceability
  • 3Diamant: Surface Treatment For Braking Tracks
Key Features:
  • Tyre Type: Clincher
  • Tyre Size: 28"
  • Weight: 1555g
  • Rim Material: Carbon
  • Rim Material Details: Full Carbon, UD- Unidirectional finishing
  • Rim Height Category: Medium
  • Rim Height: Front and Rear: 40mm
  • Rim Width: 24.2mm, ETRTO 17c
  • Tyre Width (Suggested): From 25mm to 32mm
  • Braking System: Caliper
  • Braking Surface/Braking Options: 3K Carbon fiber braking surface. 3Diamant treatment on braking surface.
  • Front Axle Compatibility: QR
  • Rear Axle Compatibility: QR
  • Front Wheel Spokes: 18 (9 Left + 9 Right)
  • Rear Wheel Spokes: 21, Two to one (7 Left + 14 Right)
  • Spokes Material: Stainless steel, double butted
  • Spokes Profile Technology: Aero, Straight Pull
  • Nipples: Aluminium
  • Front Hub: Aluminiumm aluminium Flanges
  • Rear Hub: Aluminium, Aluminium Oversize Flange
  • Bearings: Industrial bearings system, adjustable
  • Others: Plasma treated HG freewheel, Aluminium Axle
The Rim: 
  • Carbon road bike rims, a combination of UD - unidirectional fiber with 3K inside. 40 mm high, wider cross section: ETRTO 17C, 24.5 mm outside width 3K carbon braking track with 3Diamant™ treatment to guarantee power and excellent feel when braking in any condition.
  • Aluminum hub system with high-quality adjustable steel bearings.
  • Aluminum hubs with oversize aluminum flange and Two-to-One™ technology to transmit all the power to the ground.
Spokes and Nipples:
  • Variable aero spokes in steel.
  • Aluminum nipples.
  • Double-butted steel spokes with aero profile enable maximum aerodynamic penetration.
  • Anti spoke rotation system keeps the spokes consistently in the position of maximum aerodynamic performance
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