Gear services

We offer full range of services across all drive-chain and gear types to get your gears running smoothly.
£10.00 incl VAT

Gear Services

Single Derailleur Alignment - 15 mins - £10

Full Gear Alignment - 20 mins - £20

Derailleur Hanger Replace/Align - 15 mins - £15

Chain/Cassette Replacement - 15 mins - £10

Gear Cable Replacement per shifter - 20 mins - £7.50

Derailleur Replacement (single) - 15 mins - £10

Chain/Cassette Degrease & Lube - 30 mins - £20

Chain Ring Replacement - 15 mins - £10

Chain Device Fitting - 30 mins - £20

Drivetrain clean - £15

Replace chain - £10

Replace cassette - £12

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