Hailing from the UK, Kinesis know a bit about designing bikes for all conditions, and that's exactly what they do best. We love Kinesis bikes for their all weather ability and the thought that goes into their design. Best known for their race winning cyclocross bikes, including the hardcore CX Race Evo and the all round trail tamer the Pro6 Disc, Kinesis have applied all they know about the rough stuff into a range of other bikes. Specialising in Titanium, Kinesis offer a range of bikes from the Gran Fondo orientated GF_Ti frame to the racey Aithein and over to adventure bikes with their Tripster ATR v2.

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CX Race Evo Frame

A fully focused, maximum attack, Cyclocross race frame now evolved into a no-compromise di...
£549.99 incl VAT

Kinesis Racelight Aithein DISC...

Possibly one of the fastest point to point bikes you will ever ride.
£749.99 incl VAT

Kinesis Racelight GF_Ti Disc B...

The Kinesis GF_Ti Disc brake frameset is a jack of all trade and a master of most. It's ...
£1,999.99 incl VAT £1,799.00 incl VAT

Kinesis Tripster ATR V2

Capable and beautiful titanium all-rounder with a great ride.
£1,899.00 incl VAT
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