Niner JET9 RDO (3* XT Build and Rockshox Pike RCT3)

The all new JET anchors the [R]Evolution of our trail bikes. Knowing that technologies and rider expectations have changed over the years, we’ve put a lot of time, energy and research into creating the most versatile and fun full suspension mountain bike money can buy.
£5,299.00 incl VAT
  • All new, completely redesigned frame uses RDO Carbon Compaction to produce the ultimate, lightweight trail worthy machine
  • Niner's patented CVA suspension design delivers 120mm of plush, efficient rear travel
  • Revised geometry is optimized for modern trail riding
  • Boost 148x12mm rear spacing for optimum power transfer and wheel stiffness
  • Compatible with 29x2.5 tires or 27.5 plus tires up to 3.0
  • Internal or external dropper post routing
  • BSA threaded 73mm bottom bracket with ISCG 05 mounts
  • Electronic drivetrain wiring friendly including integrated battery storage in the frame
  • Available In:
    Blaze Yellow
    Satin Carbon/Slate/Red
  • Frame only purchases will feature Fox Float Factory, EVOL rear shock

[R]Evolution geometry

At the core of the JET is our [R]Evolution geometry. The overall dimensions lean toward longer reach on the frames so we can shorten the stem lengths for quicker steering input. Likewise, the chainstays have been shortened from its predecessor down to 434mm for fast acceleration and some playful pop. But to keep the overall feel of the bike well rounded and to ensure efficient climbing and pedaling, we’ve steepened the seat tube angle. This keeps you centered in the bike and able to stay on top of your gear when you’re putting down the power.

The Constant Varying Arc (CVA) suspension platform we engineered and patented years ago remains the linchpin for our full suspension bikes and really gives the JET its legs. But how can this technology keep pace with the ever-changing ‘standards’ in today’s mountain bike world? Unlike so many suspension systems out there that are based on optimal chainring-to-pivot point configurations, CVA relies on counteracting linkage forces that are not dependent on specific pivot locations. The bottom linkage is pulled downward when you’re pedaling to negate squat, while the upward rotating top linkage is left free to react to terrain changes. What you get is efficient, fun, fully active suspension, all the time.

But let’s face it, if you’re in the market for a new trail bike, you want something that turns up the dial on fun factor, and the JET comes ride-ready to crank it. Paired with the [R]Evolution geometry, the JET packs 120mm of CVA powered magic carpet ride suspension that will see you floating up technical climbs with tons of traction and send you flying smoothly over everything else.

27.5” plus compatibility
Building great bikes for discerning riders has been our message since day one, and to continue, we have to take full advantage of all the technology advances available to us. Some of the biggest changes have come in wheel dimensions. We’ve already incorporated 29” plus and Boost spacing on some of our bikes, and now we’re ready to add 27.5” plus to the list. With an effective diameter similar to a 29” wheel and tire, the 27.5” plus is a familiar size for us and one that lends additional versatility. The JET really writes a whole new chapter for us, and allows you to choose the wheel that’s right for you, all on the same bike.

Design Features
The trail taming JET reaps huge benefits from Boost spacing on the rear. By taking advantage of the wider dimensions, our engineers have been able to grow tire clearance for typical trail sized 29er tires, while also providing adequate room for the similar diameters of 27.5” plus tires. Boost spacing also changes the game with regard to suspension kinematics, paving the way for longer travel while achieving shorter, stiffer chainstays.

The JET lands right in the sweet spot for the all-in-one trail bike. The 120mm of roll-and-go rear suspension is nicely balanced with 29” wheels and an accompanying 130mm fork. The resulting 67.5 degree head angle is ideal for all day riding and tackling any tough spots along the way. To keep the geometry in line, the fork gets bumped up to 140mm when matched to 27.5” plus wheels, giving the JET predictable steering response no matter which wheels you ride.

There are so many drivetrains available today, but with the JET you can feel free to choose almost any of them. Take your pick whether you’re a dual-ring hold out, subscribe to the new 1X fashion, or even like mounting an ISCG 05 guide for added peace of mind. And if you’ve got some extra cash burning a hole in your bank account, then go for the ultimate, Di2 single-ring version. The 73mm bottom bracket stands out against the latest trends though. Instead of housing plastic press fit cups, it is threaded for good old-fashioned serviceability and lets you swap out the BB easily when the need arises.

Our Carbon Compaction System construction is a key factor in building this lightweight singletrack slayer. This method squeezes out excess resin during the molding process, reducing voids and allowing us to maintain close tolerances on tube wall thickness. What comes out of the mold is a carbon frame that tips the scale far less than one would expect and yet it delivers the calculated ride quality, strength and durability that our engineers intended.

The JET is not just a product of expert engineering though, as our talented team of designers has also made sure that this mountain biking marvel looks as great as it performs. The colorful paint on carbon graphics they’ve drawn give the bike a brilliant pop that accentuates the frame’s bold, clean lines. Put all pieces together and what you get is the JET—a mach speed trail machine that looks as fast as it rides.

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