Servicing and Fitting

Here at Velo-smith, not only do we offer a range of services to keep your bike in order, we also offer services to keep it's rider as efficient as possible on the bike, whether it's to ensure the most aerodynamic position when tucked in the drops to beat the opposition in the sprint for the line, or to make sure you can cover that audax or sportive in comfort.

As a Selle Italia ID Match dealer, we have the knowledge, experience, and tools to use the Selle Italia ID Match system to find a saddle that truly fits, as opposed to one that is just bearable. We have long been using Selle Italia's ID Match and we are proud to have a 100% satisfaction rate, ensuring you the best fit for your style and your behind!

We also offer full bike fits to help you get the most out of your bike, whether it's fitting up a new bike, or jumping back on an existing one, a bike fit proves invaluable in adding comfort and efficiency to your ride!

As well as our work in saddle and bike fitting, as you might expect - we are also dab hands at fettling with a bike that isn't working quite right. We are a Campagnolo certified Pro Shop, with all the tools and experience to upgrade, fix or maintain your Campagnolo groupset. We are also a certified Marzocchi Service Centre, meaning we are fully equipped to help with all of your mountain bike suspension needs. Whether your winter hack needs a little TLC ready for those dark, rainy and cold commutes, or it's time for a little upgrade on your summer best, Velo-smith can help.

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