Banshee Spitfire

The Spitfire has been called the downhill trail bike. With slack and low geometry, the Spitfire rails the turns and descends like no 140mm travel bike.
£2,699.00 incl VAT

Keith on the Spitfire

Have you ever craved a bike that had the low, slack geometry confidence inspiring geometry of a DH bike but with the pedaling efficiency of an XC bike? I certainly have.

I've often wanted a bike that carves up the single track like you are racing downhill on your DH bike, but is a breeze to pedal uphill, and efficient enough to easily ride for a whole day without sapping unnecessary energy.

I designed the Spitfire to be a special bike. Most bikes with 140 travel have quite traditional and steep geometry... but times have moved on as riding styles have changed. The Spitfire can be easily adjusted from neutral setting to be higher and steeper to feel more like a regular trail bike with good pedal clearance for tight techical terrain, or it can be dropped down to the slack and low setting to become the high speed fighter jet of a bike. I thought that this adjustability was important to have, as the low and slack geometry is not suited to every trail, as you all know. Sometimes it is more important to have that pedal clearance that comes with a slightly higher BB height, and the more nimble feel of steeper geometry when riding slower and more technical trails.

It only takes a moment to switch between the 3 dropout positions and transform the bike into exactly what you want. Too many people believe that slack head angles result in less control while climbing... well, I challenge you to ride the Spitfire to realise that this is not the case. The truth is, what's important is how a bike is balanced around the rider. I spent a lot of time studying body dynamics and ergonomics and developed the Spitfire to feel well balanced while in the saddle climbing even in slacker geometry setting.

The combination of geometry and anti-squat in rear suspension helps you find traction whilst also remaining completely in control of the front of the bike. If you are a good rider who wants to push the limits of what is possible on an agressive trail bike, then look no further, the Spitfire will out climb the competition, and leave them for dead when you point down hill.... as well as putting a massive smile on your face.

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